Our Story:

Now in it’s 5th year, the Delaware Leadership has hit an important inflection point, with an opportunity to focus even more on the key skills required to achieve transformative results as a leader in a high-needs school.

In the past residents were placed in a school as “leadership interns,” with no official, full-time positions or standing on the school’s leadership team, and no guarantee of a position beyond the Residency year.  The residents were also pulled every Wednesday for an entire day of additional training.

Currently, the residents are full-time employees of the schools in which they work, in leadership positions and part of their respective leadership teams.  Residents no longer have weekly trainings, but now they participate in Residency Weekend, which occurs every third weekend. 

The shift was made based on two key ideas. One school leaders don’t fail because of a lack of technical knowledge- they fail because they don’t know their true self and are not authentic leaders and there is a lack of ability to increase teacher skill, across the entire country, is the single biggest impediment to student achievement in our public schools.Lastly, the recruitment process is different as well.  Before, a huge emphasis has been placed on bringing talent from outside Delaware.  Now the focus is on finding the talent within schools, who have the potential to be transformative school leaders.  The talent to turn around high-needs schools is already here in Delaware, and it is our job to find them and accelerate their growth.