A Closer Look

Relay/GSE National Principals Academy Fellowship- This consists of a ten day intensive conference and then four weekends a year.  The four weekends will take place of the residency weekends.  This part of the program is contingent upon funding and is not yet finalized.

Summer Intensive: A six day all day introduction to AccelerateDE.  This will occur after attending the Relay/GSE conference.  This is where the instruction becomes Delaware specific and are introduced to Jounce and their method of practice. Accommodations will be provided for this part of the program.

Professional Development: Three to four times over the summer the residents will convene to practice and to start the work with True North.  These sessions will be a full day.

Residency Weekend: This happens every third weekend.  This will not occur when residents go to the Relay/GSE weekends.

Friday morning- Visit a high-performing school to observe best practices and meet with the School Leader or visit a resident’s school to observe.  Schools include, KIPP Lanning Square Middle School(Camden, NJ), Achievement Prep (Washington D.C.), and Sci Academy (New Orleans, LA).

Friday afternoon- Deep dive and discussion of our central texts for the year, True North by Bill George and Practice Perfect by Doug Lemov.  The discussions are the building blocks for the Personal Leadership Development Plan (PDLP).

Saturday morning- Intense practice of teaching and coaching skills with Paul Dean from Jounce Partners.  This is a three hour session of stand up practicing teacher skills and then practicing how to coach those skills.  It involves hundred of repetitions to ensure that residents can coach the skills with ease at their schools. 


Applicants Apply- Rolling Acceptance

March- All invitations have been sent out to Cohort VI

April- Cohort VI determined and readings go out

May- Meet and greet and discussion of readings

June- Relay/GSE Conference*

        -Summer Intensive

July-August-Professional Development

September- Kick off to weekly coaching sessions at school

                 -First residency weekend

December-Mid-Year review

June-PDLP is submitted

        -Administrator Certification awarded if PDLP is accepted